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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations throughout the World

You just experienced the best day of your life, or what you thought would be the best day of your life. Little did you know that getting married was this exhausting. Dealing with all the long-lost relatives, distant-cousins, the in-laws, the outlaws, and handling all the last minute disasters. Who knew your dream-wedding could be so tiresome after-all? After all that fuss, you deserve a break. And that’s what honeymoons are for, you know? Just kick back and relax! Now for a perfect relaxing, amazing and fun honeymoon you need the perfect destination too, the one which is beautiful and romantic but also amazingly soothing. So, just for all the newly-weds and the brides-to-be, we hand-picked some perfect locales.

#1. Mexico


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The site clearly says, “There’s nothing better and more inviting & tantalizing than a private Jacuzzi with an ocean view accompanied by a massage with oils and flowers followed by a dinner and wine on a terrace under a moonlit night.” The case rests.

#2. Italy

If you are a fan of charm and romance, Italy is the place to go. No matter where you end up in Italy, you’ll end up enjoying romantic walks, delicious meals, art and music, amazing culture. Is there anything more left to say? Yes, plenty…but I can’t even.

#3. Fiji

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A honeymoon bungalow with a private beach and exotic views, this is THE dream! I don’t know about you, but I definitely won’t miss it for the world!

#4. Greece


Greece is filled with history, drama, mysteries, sun and seas and picturesque landscapes. What can be more romantic than this? If sunny is how you like it, then Greece is what you need!

#5. Hawaii


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Hawaii is the magical island; you should have no doubt in that! You can spend your days by the beach-side or roam around the tropical regions, and in the night-time you can enjoy romantic walks under the moonlight.  Dreamy, dreamy!

#6. Bora Bora

bora bora

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Bora Bora is known to be one of the most beautiful islands across the world. And why shouldn’t it be called so? It’s covered in white sand surrounded by oceans shining like emeralds. It is just pure Heaven!!

#7. Aruba


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If you and your partner love intimate environment and also making friends, Aruba is the place for you both! It is only 20 miles long and 6 miles wide…packed with beaches and restaurants and casinos, et cetera to keep you entertained for whatever duration you decide to stay.

#8. Jamaica


If lots of colors are you thing then Jamaica is the place for you. Surrounded by tropical beaches and dry plains, set in the middle of Blue Mountains, this place surely is mesmerizing.

#9. Bahamas


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The islands of the Bahamas will give you the sense of ease that you were searching for all along. As soon as you step on the soft sands and see the ocean water touching the horizons, you’ll know this is what you needed all along.

#10. Florida


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If you have a knack for adventures and stuff, Florida is your safe haven. There are resorts that provide variety of activities for newly-weds. Well, what does anybody need from

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