10 Signs That Say You Are Not Sleeping Enough

#5. Irritability and moody

Irritability and moody

If you find yourself putting people off and getting irritated at the slightest of things, then you need to squeeze in a few more hours in your daily sleep. Sleep deprivation can make people irritable, moody and grouchy. It can also lead to angry outbursts, fatigue, confusion and worsen depression if you already suffer from it.

#6. Trouble finding the right words

The frontal lobe of the brain which is associated with speech is affected by sleep deprivation. So when you don’t sleep enough, you will find yourself looking for the right words or a slurred speech.

#7. More impulsive

More impulsive

Sleep deprivation affects your brain’s prefrontal cortex. This is the area responsible for impulse control, judgement, attention and visual association. A lack of sleep will lead to poor judgement and a low impulse control. Which is why you might end up buying things you don’t need, binging on carbs or anything you would normally be able to control.

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