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10 Ways our Kids drive us Crazy

As parents we all love our kids dearly. However, there are times when they can make us pull our hairs out just a little. Below are the 10 ways that our kids drive us crazy the most.

#1. They are MESSY!

Messy Messy!
Messy Messy!

There is no telling what you will find in your kids room. After telling them a million times to clean it up, don’t feel bad if you quietly pull the door closed and ignore the chaos. We’ve all done it.

#2. They get dirty.

Have to love the mud puddles!

There is something about dirt and kids that just attract one to the other. Between sports and mud puddles, keeping obscure places on your kid clean can be a challenge. It’s best to stick with dark colored clothes.

#3. They throw fits.

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Please let me have that toy.
Please let me have that toy.

None of us like not getting their way, but if you have ever taken that thousand calorie box of cereal away from your kid, you know how mad they can get. It’s best to just move along past those aisles with the tantrum throwing items.

#4. They get into trouble.

Go to the principal’s office!
Go to the principal’s office!

All kids are going to get into trouble once in a while, but we all cringe when we get that note from the teacher. Try to take it in stride and help them move along to acting right.

#5. They leave Legos on the floor.


Nothing can set off a cussing spree like stepping on a Lego and kids have a certain way of making sure they are exactly where you plan on sticking your foot in the middle of the night.

#6. They talk constantly.


If you like peace and quiet, you had better get it before you get home from work. It is said that we spend the first year of our kid’s life waiting for them to talk and the rest of their lives waiting for them to stop.

#7. They are lazy.

Carry me, please!
Carry me, please!

How many times do you have to tell them to do something? Probably a hundred, especially if it’s something they don’t want to do. Can’t YOU just do it?

#8. They can’t find anything.

Where is my shirt?
Where is my shirt?

When they are looking for that favorite shirt, they are more likely to ask you where it is rather than looking for it themselves. Chances are it is exactly where they left it, but why should they bother looking for it?

#9. You are constantly playing 20 Questions.

kid questioning
Why, where, how, when?

Alright, this one’s a tough one. Kids don’t know everything that we know, and it is reasonable that they ask you questions so that they can learn. However, it does get tiresome to constantly be answering questions.

#10. They don’t listen.

dont listen
Did you say something?

Kids are the ultimate masters of tuning us out. If you tell them to clean up their room and check on them ten minutes later, they will probably be in the same spot with the same mess piled around them.

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