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5 Ways to Land Your Next Job Faster

Job hunting! Just this phrase is enough to drain the energy out of most of us. It is tedious and so time consuming and on top of it, very often we don’t even hear from the HR department. If you too are in a similar situation, you need to change a few things before applying for the next job. Here are 5 ways to land your new job faster.

#1. Use Your Network

Use Your Network

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We live in a small world where everyone knows someone. Keep in touch with your friends, acquaintances and professional network to know if there are any openings in their organizations. Chances are, there might be but they just didn’t think of you. Get back in touch with old buddies, reconnect and strengthen your relationships. You could even get in touch with your grad school alumni, after all you went to the same college and that provides you a common base. Grow your alumni network via LinkedIn or through college events or reunions.

#2. Attend Events

Attend Events

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Events could be anything from dinners to charities and the ones hosted by companies. These provide excellent opportunities to meet new people and make new connections. Make a rule of talking to at least one new person at every such event you attend. You could also get the attendee list in advance and make some arrangements to meet some of them in person. But it doesn’t end here. Follow it up with another meeting. But make sure you don’t look too desperate while doing the same.

#3. Utilize the Power of LinkedIn

Utilize the Power of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is your gateway to the world of networking. It can help you connect with the right people. Do a thorough search of your industry and look and connect with people who interest you in the same industry.  Make sure you regularly update your profile, the information you provided is correct. You can even use keywords and embedded media files. Share relevant news updates or blog posts from people. Actively participate in groups so that it increases your visibility.

#4. Check Job Portals

Check Job Portals


There are multiple job boards available on internet. They save you the trouble of looking for jobs from organization to organization while recruiters get access to a vast talent pool. Put your resume on the most used job portals and create a catchy profile. Keep updating your resume and profile to stay on top of the game.

#5. Always Follow Up

In reality, the HR people don’t really follow-up in a timely manner so you will have to do this task if you want to land that job. Be persistent when following-up the process or if they need any more information from you. Do a recheck of the time you expect to hear from them and remind them you will be expecting to hear within that timeline. Even if you didn’t get the job, you can politely ask for a reason or ask them to consider you when there is another vacancy. Staying in touch pays!

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