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Top 10 Most Unhealthy Cancer-Causing Foods

Eating good food is very important for keeping healthy. Earlier chemicals and preservatives were not used in substantial amounts and hence the danger of getting deadly diseases was not as great as it is now. However, in today’s world even homemade food is not completely safe. It is difficult to avoid fast food and parties. In such a situation one must know which foods are good for health and which are bad.

cancer causing foods

Given below is the list of ten most unhealthy Cancer causing foods:

  1. Processed meat: Processed meat like bacon, lunch meat, hot dogs contain chemicals that are not good for health. Particularly, Sodium Nitrate and Sodium nitrite are known to increase the risks of Cancer.
  2. Soda: Soda contains a lot of sugar, acid and chemicals. The ingredients of coloured soda are even more dangerous and cancer causing.
  3. Microwave popcorn: It is easy to make popcorn in the microwave but it takes a heavy toll on the body. Microwave popcorn has chemicals that may cause infertility in humans, pancreatic, liver and testicular cancers.
  4. Fruits laced with chemicals: Fruits are considered to be very good for the body. However there are many chemicals like carbides that can used to make a fruit ripe faster or look fresh. These fruits do more harm than good. You must wash the fruits properly before eating and if you taste something unusual then you must not eat them at all.
  5. Canned tomatoes: Canned tomatoes have a chemical ingredient called Bisphenol-A. It is known to cause heart disease, infertility and intestinal damage.
  6. Framed Salmon: This is a very well-known Cancer-causing food. If you like Salmon you should eat a fresh one that has greater vitamin D content. There are many carcinogens and pesticides in framed salmon.
  7. Excessive alcohol: Too much alcohol is bad for health. Besides causing heart disease risks and liver damage many alcoholic drinks contain carcinogenic chemicals also.
  8. Oily French fries, chips and snacks that contain trans-fat are also health deterrents. Acrylamide, an ingredient of these snacks is a Cancer causing agent.
  9. Sugar: Both white and brown sugars are bad for health if taken in excessive quantity. Cancer cells use glucose more efficiently and grow very rapidly.
  10. Diet foods: Many diet beverages, soda or solids are said to be cancer causing. A popular artificial sweetener – Aspartame may cause a variety of illness like birth defects and cancer.

Thus one has to be very careful about his or her diet. A good practice is to check the ingredients of every can that you buy and smell the vegetables before buying. Chemicals disturb the balance of body and cause many diseases. Many chemicals cannot be avoided at certain times. However, if one is aware of the nature of chemicals then consumption of such chemicals can certainly be limited. The above list is only a sample. There are many more eatables that are carcinogenic and injurious to health. The number of such food s continues to increase while we make efforts to stay healthy.

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