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7 Skills That are Hard to Learn But Will Give Good Payoffs

What do you think are the hardest skills for people to learn? Well, they are not coding or programming or learning a new language. They are the often overlooked soft skills. Here are the 7 skills that are hardest to learn but will give big payoffs, both personally and professionally.

#1. Time Management

Time Management

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You might have heard several times how important it is to manage your time and how most people make the best use of the hours allotted to them. And yet, no matter how much you try, there never seems to be enough time. The reason for that it we are consumed by urgent tasks and in the process keep putting off little things which may be important but not urgent. By the time, we finish off the urgent tasks, we are left with little time to do other important things. This is why it is important to prioritize.

#2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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You may have a high IQ but these days having a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can increase your chances of being hired. It is how we are as people, how we behave, socialize, empathize and make personal decision. It is your ability to recognize emotions within yourself and how you manage your behavior and relationships based on that awareness.

#3. Knowing when to shut up

You may feel tempted to give someone a piece of your mind when you are angry and upset but we are rarely ever prepared for the consequences later. But it is extremely important to know when to shut up and when to stand your ground. Very often this is what makes most relationships fall apart. Very often you just have to bite your tongue and resist the desire to prove yourself right. You don’t have to jump into every battle that’s thrown your way.

#4. Consistency

Sometimes, we start things with great enthusiasm but give up somewhere in between. That’s because we never practiced consistency. If you want to stay on top, you have to consistent with your effort. You cannot give up midway or get complacent after reaching the top.

#5. Active listening

Active listening


Do you always listen when someone is speaking or you just merely hear? That kind of listening is passive listening because most of the times we are simply thinking of what to say next. Active listening means actually listening and understanding what the speaker is saying and not thinking of what to say next.

#6. Saying ‘No’

Yes, it is difficult to say no and that is the reason you might be under stress or left with no time for yourself. But this one word can save you fro lots of troubles. You don’t have to be brazen and say ‘NO; upfront but humbly or polity refuse.

#7. Minding your own business

Gossips maybe a good time-pass but they are simply wasting your productive time and you might just end up losing your sleep or your friend’s vacation pictures. What others do is none of your business. You focus on yours and do your thing. Stop wasting time on spying and judging what others are doing.

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