10 Coolest Jobs in the World That Will Make You Want to quit Yours

#5. Water Slide Tester

Water Slide Tester

Love water parks and big slides? Why not become a water slide tester? The job includes testing slides and factors such as adrenaline rush and biggest splash. On top of that, you will also get to travel to different countries with all expenses paid. Getting paid for having fun and traveling; who wouldn’t want that?

#6. Live Stream Eater

Liver stream eaters (Muk Bang) are popular in south Korea. The only thing they have to do is eat large quantities of food (loudly and savory) on live TV for long hours and engage with online audience. There is no strict criteria for this job, you just need to be entertaining enough to generate viewership.

#7. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Want to leave the usual monotony behind and travel the world and earn some money in the process too? Why not become a travel blogger and write about beautiful places, reviews local hotels and restaurants and earn some money while doing it!

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