10 Facts About Barron Trump- The Most Popular Kid in USA

#4. Father’s Shadow

Father’s Shadow

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Melania once referred to striking similarities between Donald and his youngest son during an interview. In fact, they call him “little Donald”. She further added that he takes after both of them in looks but orients more towards his father when it comes to personality.

#5. Raised just by Parents

Unlike many other billionaire kids who are raised by nannies and accompanying staff, Barron has solely been raised by his parents. Donald Trump, in an interview with People magazine revealed that they do not depend on outside help as it doesn’t let you get to know your children.

#6. He has his own floor

At 10, most kids would be happy to just get their own room but the Trump kid has his own floor! The floor’s decor incorporates whatever style he is into be it planes or helicopter or simple plain and white walls. Moreover, he can draw on walls in his playroom without getting a hard time from his parents.

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