10 Facts About North Korea You Need to Know

#6. Elections every 5 years

Elections every 5 years

Image Source: flickr.com

North Korea holds elections every five years but there is a catch. The ballots have only one option which means 100% votes go the leader.

#7. Corruption


Image Source: flickr.com

As per the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index, Somalia and North Korea had a draw when it came to number 1 spot for the most corrupt country. Each country was rated on a scale of zero to hundred with zero being most corrupt and 100 meaning very clean. North Korea scored an 8.

#8. Invasion Tunnels

The forces stationed at DMZ are believed to have dug tunnels that run deep into South Korea. Their neighbors have only found 4 so far but there are believed to be 20 more of them. When discovered, North Korea tried to pass it off as coal mine by painting the walls black.

#9. Special Forces

The country has one of the largest militaries in the world along with the world’s largest special forces group with over 180,000 soldiers. These forces are always on alert and even carry out regular reconnaissance missions in the South.

#10. Defecting from the country

Ever since the governing power came to Kim Jung-Un, it has become even more costlier to defect from the country. It alone took $8000 to defect to China which is way more than an average citizen can afford.

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