10 Fun Facts About Meghan Markle

#5. Love for Flowers


Image Source: crazyforus.com

Her instagram account is full of beautiful flower posts and you shouldn’t be surprised why. As a child, her mother nicknamed her ‘Flower’, so her love for them comes as no surprise.

#6. Yoga

Yoga is a very important part of her fitness regimen. In fact, she has been doing yoga since she was seven. Her mother would take her to the ‘Mommy & Me’ classes and that’s when her love for Yoga started.

#7. Suitcase model

Suitcase model

Image Source: pictures.zimbio.com

Before her major gig, she worked as a suitcase model for the TV show ‘Deal or No Deal’. This is when she was auditioning and was a way to make the ends meet.

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