10 Inventors that found death in their own inventions

#7.       Otto Lilienthal

He is the first man that brought to knowledge the term of a glider. In 1896, he was the first and only human that managed to make some successful gliding attempts. He even managed to glide through the air on distances of 250 meters. His inventions ended being of international acknowledgement. Still, in one attempt his glider stopped suddenly in mid-air, causing him to fall and break his spine. He died a couple of days later.

#8.       Thomas Midgley Jr.

He is the famous inventor of leaded petrol and CFC gases. Even if his discoveries were highly appreciated at the time, were afterwards discovered to have extremely adverse effects on our environment and health. He eventually got sick due to lead poisoning and was unable to move. Thus, he designed a system of ropes and pulleys to help him out of bed. Eventually, he was choked to death by one of the ropes.

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