Signs your heart might be giving you when facing the risk of a heart attack

Our hearts are incredible machines. They work and pump blood continuously, making sure all cells receive the proper amounts of oxygen and nutrients. Still, the modern life also comes with many factors and conditions that may affect the well-being of our heart. Inappropriate diet, stress, lack of minerals, vitamins, not sleeping too much, and many more, can weaken the way our hearts function. But our heart doesn’t just fail at once. They show signs of weakness everybody should know to recognize. Knowing when you are at risk might make the difference between suffering from a heart attack and being safe.

#1      Pains or discomfort in the chest

•	Pains or discomfort in the chest

Pains in the chest area are most often connected to heart problems. Although, it is not necessarily the case all the time. Still, if the pain persists and you are over the age of 40, it is advisable to see a doctor, just to eliminate any risk. The discomforts that resemble very much with pressure or compression in the chest area are more likely to be caused by a heart condition. In case the pain spreads to your limbs, you feel nervous and start sweating out of a sudden like an enormous burden is pressing you, then you should call the ambulance right away.

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