Believe it or not, but your tongue may have to say something about your health

Watching the tongue for facts regarding one’s health is an ancient practice, known to be used in China. Still, this is not a myth, since the way your tongue looks can reveal some aspects concerning your health. Even if you got familiar with the look of your tongue, you might want to check out what it may say because you may be suffering from something. In many cases, an illness may pass unnoticed until they reach a more severe level. So it would be helpful to know in advance, even if it is to look at your tongue if there might be any reason to visit your doctor.

#1       White tongue

white tongue

White spots on your tongue may indicate the fact that bacteria that usually live on the tongue may have developed a bit too much. Try gently scraping your tongue each time you brush and see if the problem goes away. If not, it may be the case of a candida infection, or yeast as it is commonly known. It is treatable, so don’t worry. But, these spots can also occur due to smoking and alcohol abuse, and in rare cases, they may indicate oral cancer. So if a thorough hygiene doesn’t solve the issue, do visit the doctor’s office.

#2        A striped appearance

A striped appearance

If your tongue has a rather ragged or webbed appearance, with striped on its surface, it might indicate a lichen planus infection. This condition occurs when your immune system decides to attack the cells in the tongue. It can your tongue is not painful, the doctor will not prescribe treatment, but will only monitor its evolution, to avoid any cancer risks. Still, if you experience pain, it is advisable to seek medical help as you will need treatment.

#3        Uneven edges

In case your tongue’s edges do not look even, presenting small ridge-like formations, or cracks, you shouldn’t worry too much. These ridges or indentations are usually made by your teeth pressing against the tongue, most likely during sleep. Sticky food can also get into small cracks and widen them even more, creating this appearance. So brushing your tongue may help keep food debris away from your tongue.

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