10 Surprising Facts About the Mayans

#3. Beauty Standards

Beauty has always been important and Mayans were no different. However, their ideas of ‘beautiful’ were quite different. A long head was considered attractive. So they would press a board on a baby’s head to create a flat forehead. This was very prevalent amongst upper classes. Furthermore, cross-eyed look was considered more beautiful for women. A long nose was another feature Mayans loved. Some would even attach clay extensions to make their noses seem larger.

#4.Human Sacrifices

Ancient Mayans performed blood sacrifices for both religious and medical reasons. Blood was considered a powerful offering to the Mayan deities. It was also a good source of nourishment. Several methods were prevalent for the sacrificial ritual. Removal of a beating heart or decapitation were the most popular ones. However, only high status individuals were offered as sacrifices, other ones were kept for labour.

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