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10 Things not to say in an Interview

Most of us will go through an interview or two in our time and it is important to know exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time. If we are able to accomplish this, we have a much better shot of getting the job that we are interviewing for. With this in mind, we have created the following items that you should avoid saying in the interview room.

#1. How much will I make in this job?

How much will I make in this job

Theirs is a time to ask this question, but during the first interview this is a big no no. This lets the interviewer know that whatever they had in mind to pay you will probably not be enough. If you don’t feel that you are being paid enough, you will probably be looking for a new job again soon.

#2. What are the benefits that you have to offer?

What are the benefits that you have to offer

This is also another question that you need to ask once you have an offer. However, during the initial interview you should avoid these types of questions unless the information is provided by the interviewer themselves.

#3. In five years I will have your job.

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In five years I will have your job

No one wants to work with a know-it-all and apparently you are good enough to skip over everyone else at the company and shove the person interviewing you out the door. This comment is very insulting and will quickly have the interviewer marking your name off the list of potential hires.

#4. What does your company do exactly?

What does your company do exactly

You should always do your homework before you enter the building for an interview. When the company knows that you are interested in them, they will feel more confident about your dedication to this particular position. By avoiding doing this research, you are showing that you are not as dedicated to this position as you may be to another.

#5. Never talk negatively about your previous job.

We’ve all had that job or boss that doesn’t fit with our personality or lifestyle. At times, many of us may have even been let go from this job. However, it is never ok to talk badly about a previous job in an interview. You shouldn’t lie about your circumstance, but there are ways that you can gracefully say something without appearing to be a negative person.

#6. I don’t have weaknesses.


Everyone has weaknesses and pretending that you don’t just let’s your interviewer know that you are not in touch with yourself. Recognizing that you have areas in your life that you want to work on is natural and you should embrace them with potential employers. However, it is best that your weaknesses do not directly coincide with the job duties of the position that you are applying for.

#7. Always ask questions.


You should always have a list of questions ready for your interviewer. Not only is an interview a time to show them how great you are but it is the time to make sure that the job is right for you. By not asking questions, you are telling the interviewer that you really don’t care enough about the position to learn more about it.

#8. Never use profanity during an interview.

Really, it is not a good idea to use profanity at the workplace at all, especially in mixed company. However, this is extremely poor taste when using it in an interview. By using profanity in front of someone that you do not know, your interviewer will see that you are not afraid to use it in front of coworkers and customers as well.

#9. I’m sorry; I really have to make a phone call.

phone call

You interviewer has set aside special time just to talk with you. There is never a reason that would make taking a call during an interview the right thing to do. Even if you are experiencing an emergency, you should discuss the issues with the interviewer beforehand and reschedule your interview.

#10. I really just want a job.

I really just want a job

Although this may be true, interviewers know that if you are desperate for a job, you will take anything that crosses in front of you. However, as you get your life back on track, you will quickly begin looking for a job that will suit your pay and job requirements better. No one wants to hire someone for a short period of time just to have them leave after time and money has been spent training them.

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