10 Ways to Survive in a Horror Movie

Most horror movies have basically the same plot- people meet, go out and start dying one by one. Except a few like The Conjuring and Annabelle (You seriously can’t escape there). But fortunately, Hollywood has given some tips to survive a basic horror movie. Here are 10 ways to survive in a horror movie.

#1. The haunted house

haunted house

Got a cheap old house? Congratulations, it’s probably haunted! And now like most people in the past, you will try to get rid of the evil, call the priest etc. And the evil will play its nice possess and kill game. How about just moving out of the house? You life is more precious than money.

#2. Don’t go out with people you just met

Like seriously people, why would you just randomly invite someone to join you? Doesn’t matter if he says he knows all the happening places around here. Just don’t! because he is the reason you will all end up dead.

#3. Don’t go around investigating alone

Don’t go around investigating alone

Calm down Mr. Detective, you don’t have to worry about the strange noise coming from the attic. Pretend you don’t hear it. Don’t go alone looking for food, water or booze at night because that will be your last one. The first to leave the group is always the first to die.

#4. Always wear good shoes

Who goes hiking or camping in heels? Or why would you walk barefoot? Wear good shoes cause you never known when you might have to run for your life and you don’t want a sprained ankle, broken heels and what not.

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