15 Things Every American 20-Something Will Understand About Dating

Dating in your twenties is confusing. Half of your friends are married- half of them are single. You’re somewhere inbetween, and everyone needs a label. So much is going on and you’re just- ugh. Dating in your twenties is weird, but there are a few things all of us will ‘just understand’


#1) Social Media Is a Wealth Of Information On Your Crush

Loving Couple
You can literally find the date your crush and their ex broke up on Facebook. You can see pictures of their family and pets on instagram. You can read their every waking thought on Twitter. Social media is literally every stalkers dream- and let’s face it, we all indulge in it a little more than we should. So, we sorta spent some time drifting through our future-lover’s pictures. But, hey- we couldn’t help ourselves.

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