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10 Dream Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

We all had dreams of amazing careers which would pay well and maybe not make you want to pull your hair. But then somehow got stuck in the rut. In case you are looking for something different, here are 10 dream jobs you didn’t even know existed and pay well too!

#1. Voice over artist

Voice over artist

Image Source: Wikimedia

Who do you think voices TV and radio commercials or gives their voices for various TV shows? Well they are real people just like us and get paid really well to lend their voice. If you have talent, you could earn up to $80,000 per year to do it!

#2. Professional Snuggler

Professional Snuggler

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Image Source: Flickr

Does your dream job consist of just lying down and getting paid? Well, there is one such job for you that of a professional snuggler. First prevalent in Japan where clients could lie down with a professional snuggler, the trend has now caught up in USA.

#3. Stunt Double

You probably already had an idea that your favourite TV or movie stars don’t really jump from moving aircrafts but somebody definitely does. Welcome to the life of a stunt double. If you have an adventure and thrill seeking appetite and don’t mind being a daredevil, this job might just be for you.

#4. Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Image Source: Flickr

A perfect job for every shopaholic with a sense of style. They usually work with a single client usually celebrities or business people and maintain an awesome wardrobe. Personal shoppers can also work with fashion magazines. The pay s pretty great too!

#5. Video Gamer

Sorry parents! But your kids can make money just by playing video games. A professional video gamer gets paid to play for e-sports teams and can make over $50,000 in the process.

#6. Netflix tagger

Just want to watch endless TV series? Good thing is that Netflix has a position for you where all you have to do watch content on Netflix and enter keywords describing the particular show. By becoming a Netflix tagger, you make it easier for various other users to find content easily.

#7. Professional Bridesmaid

Professional Bridesmaid

Image Source: flickr

Remember 27 Dresses? This concept is somewhat similar to that except this time you get to play an actual bridesmaid and get paid for it. As a bridesmaid you would be providing assistant type services such as managing and executing her personal tasks.

#8. Dog surfing expert

Have a thing for dogs and know how to train them? Great! You may be eligible to become a dog surfing expert provided you know how to surf or can teach a dog how to surf. Various ocean resorts offer classes strictly for dogs. Imagine being paid to play with dogs! Who wouldn’t take this job!

#9. Panda Nanny

Panda Nanny

Image Source:

Can’t help looking at cute panda videos online? Want to take care of adorable pandas? As a panda nanny, you will be spending 365 days with pandas and become a part of their joys and sorrows. One such competition was launched by the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Sichuan, China.

#10. Ice cream taster

How about an unlimited supply of ice-creams for all your life? With a degree in food-science you can become and ice-cream taster and earn up to $60,000 a year.

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