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5 Amazing Things Your Android Can Do

There is just so much that an Android device can do and we aren’t talking about your usual apps. Well, the tech geeks must have already figured out lots of hacks and amazing features but for people like us who aren’t so tech savvy, this article can help. Here are 5 amazing thigs your Android can do.

So go ahead, flaunt your Android!

#1. Have multiple accounts on one device

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Most of us don’t have just one email or social media account. People with two phone numbers might be using two WhatsApp accounts. But unfortunately, you cannot have them all on the same device unless you use virtualisation. Parallel Space which is based on MultiDroid lets you use several accounts on just one device. To begin with, you need all the required apps on your phone and after installing Parallel Space, you can choose the ones you wish to run in the virtual space of the app.

#2. Bring the screen size down

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Struggling to reach all the corners of the phone screen because let’s accept it, sometimes moving is just too much work. However, Android provides a one-handed mode in some devices that brings down the screen size so that you don’t have to readjust your grip. If you don’t have a built-in feature, you can get it added by rooting your phone. One-hand mode can be enabled by installing the app called Niwatori from the Google Play store.

#3. Unlock Hidden Animations

You don’t have to root your phone for this as it works on all Android devices. Just go to settings > about device and then tap 7- 8 times on the Build Number or Android version. This enables your developer settings. An image will appear. Hold on to that until the animation begins. For example, ‘K’ will appear in case of KitKat version.

#4. Sync with your PC or tablet to text without your phone

Worried about receiving an important text message but can’t find your phone? Well, Android lets you do that via a PC or tablet as well. You need a third party app such as MightyText installed and you can send and receive text messages on your web browser.

#5. Automate the mundane tasks

We all hate doing boring and usually forgettable tasks such as switching off Wi-Fi when leaving home or following up on a starred email, don’t we? Well, IFTTT (If This Then That) seems to have a found a solution for all of us. All such tasks can be done with little to no effort from your side. It works on recipes or triggers that you specify. You can put in your own recipe or use IFTTT’s vast recipe library ranging from very simple to very complex. Furthermore, other users on the platform are willing to lend you a helping hand in case you get stuck somewhere. With IFTTT, you can stack recipes and automate your daily mundane tasks.

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