7 Strangest Monuments and Statues Around the World

Monuments and statues adorn our cities and sometimes act as reminders of past or increase the aesthetics of the place. But, not always! Many of them are weird and strange but do gather a lot of attention. Here are 7 of the strangest monuments and statues around the world.

#1  Hand of the Desert, Atacama Desert, Chile

Hand of the Desert, Atacama Desert, Chile

Image Source: wikimedia.org

A giant hand stretching upwards in the Pan-American Highway! Mano de Desierto or Hand of the Desert is a 36 foot tall hand statue that protrudes from sand. It was built in the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal in the 80s.

#2  Carhenge Alliance, Nebraska, USA

You must have heard of stonehenge in England but very few would have heard of Carhenge in the USA. It is a replica of the same except the artists used old cars, a pick up truck and an ambulance. The symbolism is also similar to the English counterpart.

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