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Burn A Bay Leaf And See The Amazing Effects On Your Health

Bay laurels are used in cooking for their amazing flavor and fragrance. Even though we don’t eat it, we use it in our recipes. However, besides just adding flavor to our dishes it has a lot more benefits and uses. It has been used as an effective medicinal herb since the ancient times. While many people consider it as a mere spice, it actually enriches the effectiveness of antioxidants present in the food.  You will be surprised to know that it is added in many tonics and medicines. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

bay leaves

Can you imagine that just by burning a bay leaf, you can have amazing improvement in your mood and health? No? Then just read below about the charisma of a bay laurel.

Consuming bay leaves has a lot of health benefits but if you can’t then just burn it. You will need a dry bay leaf and burn it in your room. Let the smoke fill the air in your room and you can leave while it does its work. Come back after five minutes and inhale the air. You don’t even have to do anything, just sit back and relax.


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No, you’re not doing this for no reason. By inhaling this air, you remove your tiredness and fatigue after a days hard work. This is a perfect remedy for the person suffering from tension, fatigue, tiredness or stress. Burning a bay leaf relaxes your brain and gives you a calming effect. The calming effect is also helpful in soothing arthritis and improving circulation.


Besides just releasing tiredness and fatigue, it has a list of amazing benefits to your health. You can prepare an oil to get better results. Preparing the oil is simpler than boiling eggs. You just need olive oil and some bay leaves. Crush the bay leaves and pour olive oil on it. Keep it in a cool place for 14 days after pouring it in a glass bottle and covering it tightly. After 14 days, strain the oil through a cheesecloth and your oil is ready for use.

This oil is great in reducing pains in joints or ulcers or even migraine. The oil is sedative and antiseptic which is all the more beneficial for you. It also helps you cure skin problems like acne. What else do you want?


So to sum it up, it reduces tiredness and soothes a lot of pain. Amazingly, it is more effective than aspirin during fever. Bay leaves even boosts your immune system and helps you get a better appetite. So many things from a leaf that you’ve been ignoring all your life. You know what to do now!

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