Can’t Find The Time To Stay Healthy? Try These 7 Exercises That Keep You Fit In A Busy Day.

Modern lifestyle may have given us all the conveniences and comforts, but it seems that it has taken the human component out of it. All the modern medicine and antibiotics may have found a quick fix to our headaches, but this has not stopped from letting our lives deteriorate any further.

Our white collar jobs have not only fattened our pockets, but also our waists and abdomens. Amid all the chaos and hectic lifestyle, one who has enough consciousness about his eroding health, cannot even find time to exercise.

Here are seven basic exercises or physical activities that you can do when you have a very busy and hectic schedule.

#1. Five Minute Push-ups:

Five Minute Push-ups

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Push-ups work on your chest and arms. When you live a hectic lifestyle, three sets of push-ups with each round composed of five to ten push-ups is greatly helpful. It doesn’t take more than five minutes to go through three rounds of pumping your arms up and down to flex those chest muscles.

#2. Walk Wherever Possible:

Walk Wherever Possible

Wherever you find an opportunity, take a walk. Have your office on fifth floor? Take the stairs. Found 10 minutes extra during your lunchtime? Go for a brief walk instead of slumping down in your seat that allows all the undigested food to accumulate in your tummy.

#3. Thirty Squats:

Thirty Squats

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Squatting trains your legs as it forces the weight of your torso on your legs. This strengthens the muscles of your legs and helps you build strength in your tendons in the long run. All you have to do is to squat with or without weights in three sets with each set having ten rounds.

Time Taken: 5 minutes in all.

#4. Don’t Skip The Rope Skips:


Rope skipping has been found to be the most effective fat burning exercise. When you have no time for a cardio or a sprint, a good session of fifty to hundred rope skips fixes that fat growth.

Time took: 10 minutes in all.

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