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10 Jobs That Will Ensure a Steady Income for Your Nomadic Lifestyle

Why Are Digital Nomads A Thing?

The lifestyle of being a ‘digital nomad’ has caught the fancy of many across the world, and a growing number of young people in their 20s and their 30s are now opting in for this lifestyle. However, we understand that earning while you are traveling is not a piece of cake. Yet, so many young men are taking the great risk of trying their hands with this millennial way of living.

If you know that digital nomad lifestyle is your call, these 10 jobs will help you sustain it for a good time in the long run.

#1.  Freelance For Remote Clients:

Freelance For Remote Clients

This is an umbrella term for a number of jobs that you can do online, and the list of freelancing websites is long. However, you have to need to establish yourself first as a competent and serious freelance professional who is doing the gigs for passion and not for small-time pocket money. You should also be habitual in maintaining a schedule and deliver on time to your clients.

#2.  Travel Blogging:

Travel Blogging

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Your travel is your work when you are a travel blogger and its fun if you are passionate about it. However, building a blog takes time, and while you are still garnering readers who will provide you a steady income, you should preferably continue with your gigs. Google Ad Words, metrics and other tools will help you monitor and monetize your blog as you keep learning.

#3.  Hostel Helper:

Hostel Helper

Image Source: flickr

You can volunteer for popular hostel chains or local bread and breakfast living accommodations such as making beds, manning the reception, doing small errands, etc. However, you may not find such facilities everywhere.

#4.  Teach English:

We know that it is quite a cliché and it has been beaten far many times even after it died. Surprisingly, it still works to an extent in poorer South East Asian countries and to now even some Latin American countries. However, you should be armed with a college degree and some kind of certification such as TESOL or TEFL.

#5.  Amateur Photographer:

Amateur Photographer

While you are traveling, you can make the most of the scenery and human element around you and contribute to stock photo websites that pay you a premium for your photos.

#6.  Use Errand Apps:

Use Errand Apps

Recently some apps have been making news that you can use to work errands for local shops and such places that will pay for your work. If you are traveling to a first world country, such an app can be greatly helpful to get paid.

#7.  Sell Stuff on the Internet:

Sell Stuff on the Internet

You can buy exotic, unique and interesting goods and sell them online, especially back in your home country where people are likely going to buy them.

#8.  Work In Restaurants And Bars:

Work In Restaurants And Bars

This works well especially when you are a holder of a European country have at least some experience.  In places like Greece, Pacific Islands, Australia, and Thailand this will likely work better. Handing your resume to the local restaurant manager is always a good idea.

#9.  Freelance Writer:

Freelance Writer

Although this is a subset of point number 1, it deserves a mention of its own. When you have already established yourself as a freelance writer, it is a smooth sail to see places while you write your way to a steady income.

#10.  Day Trading:

Day Trading

Not everyone’s cup of tea. However, when you know how to do it, you are in for a constant flow of moolah that will help you sustain your travel.

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