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Things Only Mom Can Do.

Mother, the word itself says everything. She goes through what not, just to keep a smile on your face. There are certain things that only Mom can do. Just sit back and try to think what she does. You will be amazed.

Listed below are things only mom can do.

#1. Fixing anything.

She is the super lady who can fix anything. Be it your favorite toy that fell off and broke or your favorite dress that has a mark. She will fix it for you so that you don’t lose your favorites. That’s what mom can do, only!

#2. Invent Recipes.

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When dislike so many food items but she will make you eat them without you having an idea. She will invent her own recipes to keep you healthy. Like pizza with gourds! Only mom can do that LOL  😛

#3. Checking at night if her child is still breathing!

She worries so much about us, she can’t stay away for a minute. She will wake million times and come to our bed rooms to check if we’re still breathing. 😛

#4. Super cleaner.

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Just let her know that some guests would be coming within 5 minutes. The house will be new and polished within that 5 minutes. That’s super mom for you 😉

#5. Can find everything but her phone.

Tell her you can’t find a needle and she will bring it from bottom left corner of the cup board in the store room. But her phone will keep ringing and get disconnected but she wouldn’t be able to find her phone from a small bag. Great mommy!

#6. Scare you to death every morning.

She will yell and scream and make you feel that you have done the biggest crime which can’t be undone just because you don’t wake up on time.

#7. Calls you for dinner when it isn’t even ready.

She will keep calling you for dinner claiming that food would get cold. When you finally go down to the table, she is still cooking. Mom, why?

#8. Loves you no matter what.

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Annoy her, irritate her, screw her mood. But you will always be the best child for her, even if she never tells you. She will love for whatever and however you are.

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