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Too much stress and high blood pressure can lead to a condition called “hematidrosis” in which a person sweats blood

God made humans very sensitive and body parts of human are delicate made of blood and cells. There are many health issues that occur in the human body and brings imbalance in human body functioning. The body is made up of tissues, nerves, bones, blood, and many sensitive internal and external organs.

What is Hematidrosis?

Hematidrosis is a rare disease that occurs in people where blood pressure of the patient increases incredibly and when anxiety levels go up, they sweat blood. This seems very unnatural and very rare. This is a dangerous disease and threatening disease as well. This happens usually when an extremely dangerous condition occurs to him or her and at the time of deepest stress. When a person is facing his death or sometime when they get too much stressed about something they may get blood as sweat.

Types of Hematidrosis

There are many ways this can be attacked to a human being. Hematidrosis can be genetic and for some people it may be hereditary and in some cases it can be idiopathic. Fear of something makes the man’s condition very problematic. Sometimes the levels of blood pressure reach very high or peaks. When they undergo this sort of problems in the blood and respiration, people may get blood sweat.
There are other two types of Hematidrosis such as neonatal Hematidrosis and perinatal Hematidrosis. These both may be caused by the deposits of iron that are collected in the pancreas and other parts of the body such as liver, heart, and glands like endocrine. Excessive blood pressure makes the blood of the human body to flow over speed and result in the rare condition of Hematidrosis.

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How can a person avoid it?

Not only because of the high blood pressure, but by many more causes inside the body make a person Hematidrosis affected. When a person gets more excited and then the blood cells come near sweat glands that make the blood to come out of the sweat glands but not the sweat itself. This can be hereditary too. One cannot avoid health issues very easily. Things are pre-written by the God and we are all acting in the world according to His will and wish. The thing what we can do to retain health is to have good food habits and avoid bad habits. Regular exercise and yoga keeps your body active and healthy and your emotions will be controlled if you undergo good food habits and good behaviour.

Is It Curable?

There are no pre-requisites for any person to get attacked by this disease. Better to watch your emotional levels and they are properly piled up or not. There are some cases in which it is cured completely. In some cases, its curable and in some cases it is not. There are some medicines available to get it done with the exact medicine required. If there are symptoms of blood sweat, it can be cured well with the help of doctors who knows your condition of health and levels of anxiety. Children also are not apart from this rare disease. There is a mythological story of Jesus that he sweated blood when he was praying at Gethsemane too. There are some historical proofs that this is the ancient disease caused to human race.

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