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Sperm is highly effective at treating wrinkles.

It’s one of those rare cases where being dirty actually makes you healthy. The fountain of youth seemed once to be nothing but a myth but today it is nearing reality. A recent study has revealed that sperm provides the best treatment for smoothing out the skin and wrinkles. The findings suggest that the application of sperm can effortlessly transform wrinkled skin into skin with a youthful and flawless texture.

The component spermine found in human sperm is believed to be a powerful anti-oxidant. It is currently being processed and synthesised in research labs around the world with the aim of making it available for the market.A Norwegian cosmetics clinic, Bioforskning, was among the numerous clinics to apply the sperm treatment and their clients were able to confirm the effectiveness. The showed that sperm is not only good for enhancing a women’s beauty but it can also elevate her mood. The presence of substances such as serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin in sperm are most probably the reason for this. Even previous research has shown that sperm is a very good anti-wrinkle potion. The protein content exerts a tightening effect on the skin and, with the evaporation of water, are good for stretching out the wrinkles in the skin.


Sperm consists of at least three vitamins: vitamins B12, C and E. It also contains the essential minerals magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphor and potassium. There are two sugars as well, sorbitol and fructose. Traces of sodium and cholesterol are also present, and sperm has an incredibly high protein count. It seems as though sperm is carrying around a box of vitamins. All of the above combine to make sperm an excellent nutritional supplement. This remedy works towards delaying aging, and is a great way to put your man to use.

Spermine facials are currently available in New York for around $250, and these include the use of infrared light and ultrasound to ensure that the substance penetrates the skin. Many clinics also offer snail secretion treatments for $175, and basic spermine treatments for about $125. There are also many other similar substances that are used in anti-aging products.

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Sperm as an atni-aging solution witnessed an exponential hike in popularity around the year 2009, when research revealed that it is capable of moisturising your skin and making it glow. The salty taste of sperm comes from ammonia salts which it gathers in the urethra, and they are effective de-greasers and also come with anti-bacterial properties. Sperm and clear skin are closely linked and, if you want to have glowing skin well beyond your fifties, you should try out this remedy. It may come with a questionable odour, but I think that, given the many benefits associated with it, that it is well worth it.


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