Top 10 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Yoga is more than a workout program that keeps you strong and flexible, it is a lifestyle, a philosophy that comes from ancient Indian wisdom. This natural method can elevate your energy level, enhance your concentration skills, improve your body awareness, make you balanced and improve your control over your body, spirit and mind. Its original purpose is to reach inner peace and spiritual knowledge. Yoga is for India what Chi Kung is for China. Yoga also has several health benefits.


#1 Brain Training Practice

Yoga is a stellar brain training practice. Stress may damage your brain functions, in particular, in the prefrontal cortex. Mindfulness can help your brain deal with the negative effects. A Harvard study has proven that awareness has something to do with an elevated gray matter density, amongst other areas, in the prefrontal cortex. It means yoga can change the way your brain reacts to stress.

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