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10 Amazing Facts About Babies

Babies, whenever this word comes in mind; cute, sweet and chubby images starts enveloping the mind. No wonder why everyone adores babies because of the cuteness they are overloaded with. But there are some weird and funny facts about them that one can only notice if they have a baby growing up by their side. Let’s ponder upon them one by one which is definitely going to surprise you or make you go ROFL.

#1. Either girl or boy, they are going to have a moustache:


Freaked out? Me too when I heard. In the womb, they develop hairs that start budding above the lips and then spread all over the body medically termed as lanugo. However, most of them shed by itself before birth and some after delivery. So if you are would be parents, don’t panic. It’s going to be OK.

#2. East or West Mommy is the Best –

mommy is the best

Don’t be sad daddy, they love mommy more because of the placental attachment they had since the time they conceived. Breathing with her, listening to her and getting A class comforts in the womb, they got more attached to her. But you can still try harder to be his number one.

#3. Double trouble and triple take-

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Double trouble and triple take

You are not alone suffering your weight gain problems. Babies double their birth weight by the age of 6 months and when they turn 1 year old they are triple of what they weigh during birth. Without eating much, how could this be possible? Only science can explain.

#4. Baby boobs and lactation:

Baby boobs and lactation

This is weird, right? But true. When in the womb they absorb some women hormones along with all other stuff. And after birth, they had to sort them out. Every baby, regardless of gender, lactates a little bit of milk for a few days. However, those glands dissolve by themselves.

#5. No tear, no fear-

No tear, no fear

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Babies cry and they cry a lot in their initial months. But the thing which surprise is they don’t shed any tear. Tear glands develop after 4 or 5 weeks of birth. Until then the crying can be termed as just loud screaming which is earsplitting enough to disturb you from your sound sleep.

#6. Breath-swallow both at the same time-


Image Source:

Try it out and I’m sure you’ll fail. But babies are perfect in doing so. They can swallow as well as breath simultaneously without any difficulty. So never challenge a baby in a drinking competition.

#7. Peeing a lot-

Peeing a lot

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Babies can be a synonym to a lot of peeing. It’s been said that babies approximately urinates after every 20 minutes during the initial days and then after every hour for 6-7 months. With no control over the bladder, what else could these poor little munchkins do?

#8. Too much of taste buds-

Too much of taste buds

While you have them only in your tongue, babies have them all over the mouth. On the roof, back, both the sides and at the tongue. Poor little creatures when don’t have much to eat got to have so much of taste buds. These buds fade away eventually with time.

#9. Too much of lub-dub-

Too much of lub-dub

The sound of heart beats, lub-dub that you could hear only 60-100 times in adults, can be heard around 130-160 times in babies. Yes, it’s almost double. Little cuties have a racing heart that too without any worry of the future.

#10. What’s that mark-

What’s that mark

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Every 1 baby out of 3 used to have a birthmark that could be present in any part of the body. Earlier this was considered as a bad omen but thanks to science, the superstition is out of sight now.

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