10 Amazing Facts About Babies

Babies, whenever this word comes in mind; cute, sweet and chubby images starts enveloping the mind. No wonder why everyone adores babies because of the cuteness they are overloaded with. But there are some weird and funny facts about them that one can only notice if they have a baby growing up by their side. Let’s ponder upon them one by one which is definitely going to surprise you or make you go ROFL.

#1. Either girl or boy, they are going to have a moustache:


Freaked out? Me too when I heard. In the womb, they develop hairs that start budding above the lips and then spread all over the body medically termed as lanugo. However, most of them shed by itself before birth and some after delivery. So if you are would be parents, don’t panic. It’s going to be OK.

#2. East or West Mommy is the Best –

mommy is the best

Don’t be sad daddy, they love mommy more because of the placental attachment they had since the time they conceived. Breathing with her, listening to her and getting A class comforts in the womb, they got more attached to her. But you can still try harder to be his number one.

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