10 Crazy Christmas Facts

#5. What about Rudolph?


Image Source: wikimedia.org

You must be wondering why wasn’t Rudolph, ‘the red-nosed’ reindeer included in the list above? That’s because he joined the reindeer squad very late, somewhere in the 20th century. He was created as a marketing gimmick by a book retailer Montgomery ward to sell its colouring books. Ever since then, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has become everyone’s favourite.

#6. A Christmas for Remembrance

You think Christmas is just about celebration and festivities? Well, Finland begs to differ. The families here visit the graves of their loved ones and light candles in the memory of the deceased. Even the ones who don’t have their kin’s graves nearby, light candles in the cemeteries to honour their loved buried somewhere else.

#7. Biggest Christmas present

Statue of Liberty

Still wondering what Christmas gift t give to your loved ones? Well, no matter how grand and generous you get, you probably cannot get grander than France. France gave the biggest ever Christmas gift to America- the Statue of Liberty! Think you can beat that?

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