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10 Reasons People Should Laugh More

Laughing is great, but did you know that it also has some health benefits as well? Find out what you’ve been missing out on. Here are ten reasons why laughing is more than just feeling good.

#1. Puts you in a positive state of mind

Puts you in a positive state of mind

Laughter has a strange effect on our mind. It actually makes you feel more relaxed and easygoing. The more you laugh, the better your brain feels. Try this simple life-hack out next time you’re feeling a little down. It’ll do wonders for you.

#2. Improves your outlook on life

Improves your outlook on life

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Laughing also improves how you see the world. If you’re likely to find a joke in everything, you’re less likely to get stressed out over small things. It also helps you become more of an optimist, helping you to see the good in all situations.

#3. It has unexpected health benefits

It has unexpected health benefits

Laughter has a number of good effects on the body – increased lung and heart activity, for starters. It’s even been proven to give a small boost to your immune system. That’s right, all your laughing is actually helping you live longer! Who would’ve thought?

#4. Can change the mood in an instant

A Good Mood
Even in the darkest of times, it helps to find the humor in something. Try to laugh whenever you can and you’ll find that it makes the situation a lot better. Just try to be appropriate about it, though – don’t laugh during a funeral, for example (unless someone tells a joke)!

#5. You look better doing it

You look better doing it

Not to say you’re not already dashing! However, laughter also puts a smile on your face and encourages others to do the same. Plus, studies have shown that people find others more attractive if they laugh. Try it out on a date – you’ll thank us later.

#6. No translation necessary

No translation necessary

Stuck somewhere where you don’t speak the native language? Trying to talk to someone who doesn’t speak your language? Well, there are a few things that are universal that bridge people from different societies – laughter is one of them. If you’re nervous talking to someone in a different language, a simple laugh is all that’s needed to show them that all is fine.

#7. Helps brain activity

Helps brain activity

The health benefits just keep coming, don’t they? Laughter has been shown to boost cognitive skills like critical thinking. We can’t guarantee you won’t get caught doing it, but try laughing during a test, and it might just end up helping you!

#8. Imagination skills get boosted too

Imagination skills get boosted too

Thought laughter was done giving you gifts? Nope! Laughter also has been shown to increase a person’s imagination levels in a few studies. That’s right – laughing makes you more creative.

#9. No painkillers needed

No painkillers needed

Yet again laughter has a way to help your body. While not perfect, laughter can act as a temporary pain reliever. Is it safe to say that laughter really is the best medicine? Not quite, but it is certainly helpful.

#10. It just feels good, and that’s good

It just feels good, and that’s good

Life isn’t perfect, and sometimes all you need is a small pick-me-up to help you get through the day or week or even month. That’s where laughter comes in. It’s a nice break from the stress and lets you be happy, even if only momentarily.

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