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10 signs that show you’re heading towards a job burnout

Has your job started to take a toll on you and is your office getting the worse of you? If the answer is even a slight “maybe” then you could be facing a serious problem known as a job burnout which is mental, physical and emotional fatigue caused due to the feeling of incompetence, stagnation, lack of motivation and a host of other factors.

Read on and find out how many of the ten red flags you raise….

#1.      Sarcasm comes more naturally to you than geniality

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You often find yourself commenting on your friends and family in a rather sarcastic and criticizing manner. Cynical remarks and comebacks is a very natural way to deal with stress as it gives you a sense of superiority which helps you combat the feeling of inferiority at your workplace.

#2.      You’re perpetually tired

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Getting ready in the morning, working at the office, sitting with friends, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you’re always feeling tired. Exhaustion is the biggest symptom of a mental or physical burnout.

#3.      Inability to pay attention

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Even though you are used to working for long hours at a stretch, somehow you cannot focus properly. If your participation in long meetings and brainstorming sessions is continually decreasing, it could be a sign of trouble.

#4.      Waning enthusiasm

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Whether or not you loved your work in the past, you definitely don’t love it now! If your motivation to work is going down, it’s probably because you’re burning out.

#5.      Being crabby and dissatisfied

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Always holding a grudge against the boss or being cranky with your co-workers could be due to an actually inhospitable work environment. But, if that’s not the only reason, maybe you’re blaming your work culture (for no rhyme or reason) due to an overload burnout.

#6.      Living in a bubble of self doubt

All your accomplishments seem useless and no matter how much time or effort you put into making that presentation or meeting your deadline, you are never satisfied with yourself because you have stopped feeling confident and have started feeling incompetent.

#7.      Falling prey to unhealthy coping strategies


A common way to deal with stress is to get mixed up in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and eating too much junk. There is a line between ingesting the above for pleasure and for coping up with the stress at work. It’s important for you to figure out the side of the line you’re on.

#8.      Either you’re dogmatic or an introvert


People can deal with stress in two extreme directions, either they become too opinionated and voice it with arrogance or they phase out and disengage themselves with co-workers, family and friends. Neither of them is a good sign.

#9.      Simple tasks feel complicated


Sometimes due to stress and inability to focus, you may find yourself stuck in a situation where you are unable to perform a very easy task because you simply cannot get your mind or body to function effectively.

#10.  Tempted to relocate or run-away
Are you always thinking about taking a long break from work or fully relocating to another place? Find out if you’re fantasizing about this only because you’re worn out after working too hard in the false hope of expediting your success.

Of course, these aren’t hard and fast facts but over the years it has come to one’s understanding that these more or less can be indications that you’re falling prey to the most common ailment in today’s time, the Job Burnout. Save yourself before it is too late, and the cure lies somewhere within you… just dig a little and know that every day is a new day and you can always start over!

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