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Fast and Natural ways to Get Rid of Your Cold and Flu

There is no permanent cure for common cold as yet. All we have are various treatments to temporarily fight it off, medications and what not. But we do have some natural remedies to get rid of cold fast. Just follow the following tips:

#1  Blow your nose-

and that too as often as you can. Don’t blow too hard as it will give you a headache and earache. Here’s the right way-

  • Close one nostril by applying pressure with one finger,
  • Blow from the other,
  • Repeat the process with the other nostril.

See, it’s very simple and effective.

#2  Get enough rest-

Do not take your cold lightly. Remember that there is a war going between your immune system and the micro-organisms causing the cold; even though you cannot see it, it takes up a lot of energy. So rest is a must, especially in the beginning.

#3  Gargle regularly-

A Tall Glass of Water
A proper gargle needs to be done with warm water with a pinch of salt mixed in it. Gargling moistens your throat and gives a temporary relief. Gargling is most effective when done 3-4 times daily.

#4  Hot beverages to the rescue-

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Green Tea
Any hot drinks such as tea, coffee or even soup, relax your inflamed throat muscles and also helps with congested nose. They also prevent you from dehydrating.

#5  Extra pillow-

Back of Paul's head
Believe or not, extra pillow under your head while sleeping is very helpful. This will open your nasal passages. Create a comfortable slope with your pillows and sleep without any congestion.

#6  Steam-

Project 50 - Day #6 (Midnight)
You must have heard this before, many times at that. Steam travels up your nose and gives the warmth that is required to un-congest it, moistening the muscles on the way. Two targets, on arrow.
You can also take a steamy bath or just cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam; whatever suits you.

#7  No fly list-
When you fly, your upper respiratory system suffers a lot of pressure. Since you have cold, your respiratory system is already stressed and you don’t want to put extra pressure on it and exhaust it even further. So it is often suggested that people suffering from cold not fly until they are better.

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