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Pictures from First Movies Of Famous Hollywood Actors & Actresses.

Here’s something for all the Hollywood freaks. You would surely want to know about the first scenes of your favorite actors and actresses, wouldn’t you? You will be amazed to find out the changes they have gone through since their first roles. Not just their looks but their style too, everything went through a transformation. Let’s go through this throwback journey of the most popular Hollywood actors & actresses.

#1. Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp
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The most admired actor in Hollywood, Johnny Depp, had a long way in this film industry. Famous as Captain Jack Sparrow, he has achieved amazing success. After doing several small roles, he did his first legitimate role in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street,1984 as Glen Lantz. This was the first movie in which he gained real recognition and since then, he kept climbing high.

#2.Leonardo DiCaprio.

After his outstanding performances in super hit movies like ‘Titanic’, ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Wolf of wall street’, ‘The Aviator’ and so on, Leonardo DiCaprio got an Oscar nomination. He had played different roles in many regular television shows and finally made his debut in films in the year 1991. His first movie was a horror one named ‘Critters 3′ playing the role of Josh.

#3. Emma Watson.

Emma Watson
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Emma Watson or better known as Hermione Granger is a craze among young men. With her beauty and performance she gained prominence over the audience. Watson had previously enacted in few school plays but Harry Potter series were her first films.

 #4. Zac Efron

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With his famous songs and amazing performance in the high school musical series, Zac Efron became the teen idol and is still admired, especially by girl. Zac had started his acting career by performing in regular TV shows like The Guardian, firefly etc. Then, in 2003, he stepped into films starring in lifetime.

#5. Kristen Stewart.

kristen stewart
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The famous Kristine Stewart gained her popularity as Bella Swan in the Twilight series and Thriller Panic Room. She began acting in 1999 when she was 8 years old. She played her first role as a non-speaking character in the Disney channel TV movie “The Thirteenth Year”

#6. Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel Radcliffe is more famous as Harry Potter. Many people don’t even know his real name.  He started his career in acting in 1999 by playing a role in BBC One’s film David Copperfield. He has enacted in many films but his real talent and fame was reflected in the harry potter series.

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