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Ten Reasons The city of Dubai is Filthy rich

Dubai is the most popular emirate out of the 7 United Arab Emirates. It is a well known tourist destination as well as a global city as well as the business hub of the Persian Gulf. Read this post to find out why Dubai is Filthy rich

#1) There is a Ferrari Theme Park In Dubai:

The world’s largest indoor theme park is located on Yas Island Dubai. It’s painted in bright racing car red and sports the Ferrari emblem. It pays homage to the world’s largest racing car company.

# 2) The Famous World Islands :

World islands

(image source:

Dubai is the land of luxury. Billions of dollars were spent on creating these residential luxury islands off the coast of Dubai.

# 3) In Dubai, $300 robots are replacing illegal child labor in camel racing

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Camel racing is an industry that is worth “hundreds of million dollars”. To curtail the problem of child trafficking and to avoid using young children as camel jockeys, Dubai uses $300 to $10,000 worth of Robots in place of children.

 # 4) There Are Gold Decorations Inside The Burj Al Arab:

Burj al Arab Gold

(image source:

This may sound like something out The Arabian Nights but the Burj Al Arab is decorated inside with 1,790 square meters of 24 carat gold leaf.

 # 5) Dubai Police Uses Ferraris and Lamborghini:

Dubai police

(image source:

Because anything less than a Lamborghini is too mainstream for the Dubai police. To fight fire with fire, Dubai police is equipped with the latest racing and sports cars. They can’t chase the borgious offenders in anything less than that, can they?

 # 6) Dubai donated $1 M to Missouri:

Joplin flood laptops

(image source:

During the 2011 floods when Joplin students were waiting for their schools to return to complete functionality, Dubai donated $1 million to Missouri to provide a laptop to every high school going Joplin student.

 # 7) ATM’s In Dubai Spew Gold:

Gold ATM’s

In case you run out of gold during your visit to Dubai, you can always hop down to your closest gold ATM and grab a few bricks.

 # 8)  Climate controlled city


Dubai is planning to build a climate controlled city 2.25 times as big as Monaco. It is slated to be 4.45 km2 with air conditioned boardwalks which will connect the various vacation spots together.

 #9). Dubai produces enough oil to fill approximately 4.5 Olympic  swimming pools per day

Dubai produces between 50,000 to 70,000 barrels of oil per day which is enough to fill up 4.4 Olympic swimming pools.

 # 10) Disney Declined To Build A Disneyland In Dubai:

Dubailand instead of Disney:

(image source:

Dubai asked Disneyland to open a theme park in Dubai but Disney declined, saying that Dubai is “too small’’. So Dubai came up with their own version, called Dubailand.

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