10 Little Known Facts About Jack the Ripper

#5. He killed only during early hours

Like any other serial killer, he had a pattern. Not only he mutilated the bodies after murdering them, he only killed during early hours and on weekends only. This perhaps meant that he was a working man.

#6. Clues and witnesses

Clues and witnesses

Image Source: flickr

Contrary to popular belief that he never left any witnesses or clues behind, he did make a slip up. A man named Joseph Lawende confessed to seeing Catherine Eddowes (the fourth victim) with a white man who was in his 30s and with a small moustache. This description matched the others provided by other witnesses.

#7. The Double Murder

After the murder of Annie Chapman, he killed two victims in one night. These were Elizabeth Stride followed by Catherine Eddowes. Both of them were killed in an interval of just one hour.

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