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10 Ways to Keep Your Skin Clean by Eating Clean

You can do all the makeup you want but good skin can only be achieved by eating right. And since what you eat shows on your skin, it is necessary to eat clean to get a clean skin. But there is so much information available on what to eat that taking care of your diet seems like a full time task. So here is a 10 point guide to eating clean to get a clear skin and what to avoid.

#1. Avoid sugar

Avoid sugar

If you have acne-prone skin, it is best to avoid sugar as much as possible. This means no more cookies, candy bars or anything that has sugar. Replace everything sugary with fresh fruits or vegetables to get a better and clearer skin.

#2. Minimize Dairy

Some people are sceptical of removing dairy from their diet due to its health benefits. But if you are prone to acne and breakouts, you should minimize your dairy intake to get clearer skin. You can opt for non-dairy alternatives.

#3. Water


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If you want a dewy complexion and a clear skin, start by drinking ample amount of water (6-8 glasses). Your skin cells are mostly made of water and if they are dehydrated, the skin ends up looking parched. Also include fruits and veggies such as cucumber and watermelon in your diet to increase your water intake.

#4. Lean meat and poultry

If you want a youthful glow include more lean meat and poultry in your diet. You can also throw in an additional bowl of cereal in the mix. Zinc is needed by your body for cell production and keep dullness at bay.

#5. Oranges


Eat citrus fruits such as oranges to get plenty of vitamin C. They also contain detoxifying components that can flush out excess oil from your skin.

#6. Dark red/orange veggies and leafy greens

Dark red or orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potato are rich in beta-carotene which has antioxidant powers. The body converts it into vitamin A which regulates the body’s cell regeneration and turnover. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are also rich in the same despite their color.

#7. Nuts


Nuts contain good fats which keep your sin clear and luminous. They are high in vitamin B complex which is needed for skin restoration and also maintain hair and skin growth.

#8. Avocado

You may have used them in face masks but might have shied away from eating them due to their fat content. But that fatty acid is needed by your body so it’s alright to eat them. The foliate present in them helps in blood formation and the mono-saturated fatty acids result in clear and soft skin.

#9. Berries


Blueberries and blackberries are nature’s most potent anti-ageing foods. They are good for your eyes, gums and will maintain your skin’s elasticity.

#10. Tuna and salmon

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these two fish can do wonders for you skin and body. Moreover, they also contain vitamin D which keeps your skin feeling healthy. If you are not a fan of eating fish, you can take fish oil capsules.

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