Facts To Know If You Use Cosmetics A Lot

Cosmetics, the word only made us imagine all the lipsticks, mascaras, creams and related stuff in our wardrobe. People undoubtedly spend a huge amount of bucks on their cosmetics to look good and feel good. And that is why the market if flooded with cosmetics for different occasions, different seasons and different skin types. But do you know some of the interesting and must-known facts about cosmetics that will elevate your knowledge about them to another level? Let’s take a heed to them one by one.

#1. From where does it come-

From where does it come

The word cosmetic comes from Greek word ‘kosmos’ meaning ‘technique of dress and ornament’. Although it was Egyptian who used them first.

#2. The first ever cosmetic –

The first ever cosmetic

The history of first cosmetic creation is way too old. It has been found that Egyptians generated the first cosmetic from copper and lead ore.  Their women used to put it under their eyelids and eyelashes.

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