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Top 10 tips to look good in monsoon

It’s that time of the year when you have to worry constantly about your makeup running into streams and giving your face a cakey look. Here are some tips and tricks to brave the rain yet look gorgeous.

#1  Healthy glow:

If you are not glowing from inside, no matter how much makeup you put, it will be tough to achieve the perfect radiant look. So, before turning in, make sure that you have removed your makeup completely. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin daily even if you are feeling too lazy.

#2  Go BB:

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Foundations have a tendency to play havoc on your skin especially during the monsoon. Switch to BB creams which are lighter than foundations and help give an even-toned coverage. Some BB creams come with SPF which help you guard against harmful UV rays. Layer up with a swish of loose compact matching your skin tone and you’re good to go.

#3  Brave brows:

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Avoid eyebrow pencils completely. Your skin sweats a lot during the humid monsoons and you don’t want the eyebrow pencil to be running across your cheeks. Tweeze your brows according to the shape and leave them natural.

#4  Blush much:

Blush and blush brush

Cream-based blush is a strict no-no during monsoon. If you have to have flushed cheeks, opt for a powder-based blush. The same goes for eye-shadows too. If possible, avoid the two completely.

#5  Clean is healthy:

During the monsoon bacterial growth is rampant. Don’t touch your face too much with your hands. Use facial wipes and sanitize your hands often. The humidity in the air breeds germs and this may lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

#6  Hair care:

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The scalp becomes oily during the monsoon even if you don’t apply oil. Make sure that you shampoo every alternate day and clean your scalp thoroughly. Try and avoid conditioner as this weighs your hair down and makes it look limp. Similarly, use hair serums only on the lengths and tips and never on the scalp.

#7  Eye of the matter:

Use only water-proof eye liner and mascara. If you have to use kajal, line only your lower lids with it and use an ear bud to smudge it in the outer edges to get that sultry smoky-eye look. Masaras have a tendency to clump up in the monsoons. Immerse the tube of mascara in a cup of tepid water to get that smooth flow going again.

#8  Lips don’t lie:

Creamy lip balms are best kept aside during the monsoons. Go for matte or moisture based chapsticks for that even colour on your puckers. Avoid gloss altogether.

#9  Brush up:


Make sure that your clean your makeup brushes well. Monsoons can lead to germ formation on the brush hairs. These can cause serious skin infection. Use the brushes only when they are completely dry. And never share your brushes with anyone even if she is your bestie!

#10  Check the date:


Last, but not the least, check the expiry date of your makeup products. If the dat has crossed, trash them immediately.

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