10 Mental Shifts That Can Help You Stand Out in Life

What is it that distinguishes highly successful people from the struggling ones? They may both be working hard but it is the difference on their mindsets that makes the actual difference. Most people just focus on small time goals but successful people know how shifting their mentality can change the game. So here are 10 mental shifts that can help you stand out in life.

#1. Turn envy into admiration


By Craig Loftus, https://www.flickr.com/photos/craigloftus/ [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As humans, it is our natural tendency to become envious of someone better off than us. And very often we try to belittle their success to feel better about own abilities. But this behavior doesn’t let one grow and stops you from being happy from someone else. It’s better to channel that envy into admiration and realize why the other person is more successful than you and how you too can reach higher.

#2. Stop Procrastination

‘Maybe later’ is a trap we have all fallen into at some point in our lives. It is easy to push dreaded tasks onto a future date. But this is one habit that is keeping you from achieving bigger things. Make a mental shift of tackling your most dreaded tasks each day.

#3. Take Feedback

Take Feedback

Not all of us can take criticism well, I suppose none of us can. Taking criticism is a little difficult but it is absolutely necessary to be successful. In fact, start asking for feedback if you want to become a better person.

#4. Age is just a number

Never let your age stop you from achieving your dreams. Being young is great, the energy, stamina and the desire to learn is unstoppable. But if you are old, you have different assets- wisdom and experience. Make them work for you!

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