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Fairy Tales With Gruesome Origins

If there is one thing fairy tales have taught us, it would certainly be a happy ending. The shoe fit Cinderella; sleeping beauty was awoken by a kiss of true love and Ariel found her prince charming. We have grown up listening to these stories. But what we were told are distorted versions because the original ones are much darker and murkier and would have probably scarred your childhood.

Nevertheless, take a look at these fairy tales with gruesome origins, if you are willing to have your illusion broken.

Little Red Riding Hood

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The story was meant to teach children not to trust strangers. We are only familiar with the Grimm’s version of the tale wherein a young lassie and her grandmother are gobbled up by an evil wolf but rescued by a huntsman. However, the original story of Charles Perrault doesn’t contain such a happy ending. The wolf represents a sexual predator. During those days a young girl who lost her virginity was said to have ‘seen the wolf’.

The Sleeping Beauty

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The beautiful princess was woken up by the kiss of her true love and they lived happily ever after. If only! The real version is much darker and disturbing. In the original story written by Giambattista Basile, the king doesn’t awaken the sleeping beauty with a kiss but instead rapes her. She gives birth to two kids one of which sucks out the splinted from her finger and lifts the curse. In the meantime, the king is married and his wife orders her cook to kill those kids and feed them to the king. However, the king burns his wife to death and sleeping beauty and the king unite. Happy ending anyone?

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